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Hello & welcome!

So if you are here it’s likely that you’re wanting to know a bit more about me as a Yoga Teacher, maybe you’re curious about what Asana Eclipse actually means. Or MAYBE you don’t really care, but you’ve just decided to ponder over here for a look anyway. If that’s the case, then thanks for dropping by.

First things first..

I am NOT a writer by trade, I do not claim to be “at one with the words”, so you’ll have to make do with the mediocre writing.

Why is this blog here? ..

I realised about a year ago that I have an awful lot to say when it comes to the topic of Yoga & mental health. Gradually I started to notice I was starting to put blogs together in my head, but not actually typing or jotting any of it down. So this is the space I’m going to use to do that. I’ve spent a long time convincing myself that nobody would want to read what I write, but I have now reached the realisation that it doesn't actually matter!

Bit of background information for some of you.

MY NAME IS KATY. Why did I put that in caps? Because it’s important. Not because I have my head up my own tush, but because I think it’s important to know who’s behind a business. Despite not having my business branded as my actual name, I still want people to know that what they are getting comes from me. And if you don't know me, here's some stuff just for you!

I’m a yoga teacher (if you didn’t already notice) but I’m also a student. A student of yoga, but also just life in general. Despite being a lover of coffee, pizza, wine & sleeping, I try to live a balanced & healthy lifestyle. I’m a chronic over thinker, over achiever, worrier & perfectionist. I try not to take myself too seriously, which often shines through when I’m teaching! So if you cannot already tell, I’m a normal human being.

Why did I choose to teach Yoga?

I first started practicing Yoga when I was at University. Back then I didn't really know a whole lot about it, or even how to start. I typed “Yoga for beginners” on Youtube & that was it! I can’t say I was instantly hooked, that would be a lie. I actually found it frustrating. I didn't understand the breathing & didn't know if I was doing any of the postures correctly.

So I took a big break from it & avoided it for months.

Further down the line I revisited it & found my reaction to be totally different. Maybe I just needed it more second time around .. who knows. But to cut a very long story short, after a few years of building my practice (both at home & in live classes) I decided I wanted to start sharing what I was learning with other people. So I got myself trained as a teacher & now here we are. It sounds quick & simple when I say it like that, but it certainly wasn’t!

Remember I said I’m a chronic over thinker ..?

I spent almost 6 months pondering on training before committing to it.

Why? ..

Because me & my thoughts don’t always see eye to eye! I built up all these scenarios in my head in which I would try to train, but fail miserably. Perhaps I wouldn’t be strong enough, or disciplined enough. Maybe I’d just get kicked off the course..

Well safe to say I proved by intrusive thoughts wrong, because I did my training & bossed it.

It was not easy, it was HARD WORK. Not just when it came to the physical practice, but also the emotional rollercoaster it took me on. Training during a pandemic was a different experience in itself, so it was a learning curve for myself & everybody else involved. That being said, I didn't think it possible to learn as much as I did so for that I am extremely grateful.

SO if you've made it to here, you’ve done very well! Now that exciting back story is out, hopefully i have majestically & articulately paved the way for all of my future writing… maybe. Future topics on here will centre mostly around yoga & mental wellbeing, a lot of which will be derived from my own experiences. I want to share my own thoughts & ideas on how we can all become more connected to ourselves, helping us to become more content. (CORNY I know)

Hopefully I can throw some things out on here that may be of some benefit to you. If like me, you enjoy reading about other people’s lives as a means of finding some comfort .. (and perhaps comedy) then pease stick around!

Much love,



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